Animal Erotica. Seriously.

Have you heard about this trend?

I thought it was a joke when someone suggested I write goat erotica, but it turns out it is a real, popular (?) trend in Kindle Books. That is the beauty of an Amazon Kindle e-Book. Without a book cover to expose you, no one knows you are reading Fifty Shades of Hay. That’s right Hay, a novellette about love, lust, and sheep. It is written by someone from Wales, so you know the author knows a thing or two about sheep shagging.

Anyway, hearing about that trends makes me think I should charge you $0.99 for this little NSFW video of goat mating.

On Saturday morning, Lucy (also known as Curry and Sturdy because that’s what happens when you take too long to name a pet) came into heat. In case you missed last year’s description of goat mating, girl goats in heat are adorable… and a little annoying. Lucy was wagging her tail like a puppy and harassed the other goats.  So we loaded her up and took her to meet a man buck.

Her lucky boyfriend for about an hour was X-Man. We thought he was quite the stud.

Assuming this goat breeding took, we will have more baby goats at the end of June!

Now about that goat erotica novel… are you into these Kindle books? Would you buy goat erotica?