• Signs Of Heat In Does
  • No interest in eating
  • Yelling for no reason
  • A swollen, pinker butt
  • Mucous from her hooha
  • Wagging her tongue & tail
  • Mounting or being mounted

This is the story of our first time… our first time breeding goats, that is. To read the details of the goat breeding program go to the Goat Sex page, which includes suggestions of selecting mating pairs, different mating options, how to know when your goat is in heat, and what to expect during the mating ritual. 

Goat mating is tricky where we live.

The goat mating season for most dairy goats is only a few months, beginning in the fall as days get shorter. It is an even smaller window of time that the girls are in heat, called estrous, which can last for as little as 6 hours.

As soon as the mini goats, Cheers and Bitty, were old enough and big enough, I started researching how to get them bred.

Knocking up a goat just isn’t as easy as you’d think.

We don’t keep a buck, known in your childhood literature as a Billy Goat.

First lesson in goat breeding, Billy Goat is a derogatory term. Who knew? To stay politically correct, we call the boyfriend goat a Stud or a Buck, or a Buckling if he is under 1 year old.

We live close to Washington, DC, which is convenient for lots of things, but not for finding livestock. That’s ironic because there are an awful lot of jackasses on Capitol Hill.

After more than a month of searching, I finally found the mini goats a suitable boyfriend.

Meet Panda, a fourth generation mini Nubian from Hapers Ferry, West Virginia. He lives on Awee Farm, enjoys sunshine, hay and peeing on himself.

(More about the pissing and other goat mating habits is found in the goat breeding program description on our Goat Sex page).

Mini Nubian Buckling

The Handsome Stud To Be – Panda of Awee Farm

Does, or girl goats, enter heat about every 21 days, and can breed beginning about 7 months old or when they are about 60 – 70 percent of their breed’s adult weight. In the case of our mini Nubians, that’s 60 – 70 lbs.

A buckling is ready to breed as early as two months. Can you believe it? And society thinks our teenage boys are sex crazed, the goats never stood a chance.

Because I am new to goat sex and it is easy to miss the signs of heat, we agreed to send the girls to ‘sleep-away camp’ in West Virginia for 10 days for a little goat mating time.

I took the day off of work, and loaded the goats into the car all on my own. It was tricky to manage them, but the real surprise was how much Cheers and Bitty had grown. Just a few months ago, we had brought them home together in one large dog crate. The morning I packed them up, Cheers was clearly too tall for the crate and it was a snug fit for them to share.

Mini Goats In A Crate

We Need To Invest In More & Larger Crates Soon

We hit the road for a girls’ road trip that would make them women… well, preggers anyway.

Half way to West Virginia, I noticed in the rear-view mirror that the crate’s gate had been pushed open by a goat hiney. Fortunately, they mini goats hadn’t noticed and were still in the cage. So I pulled over, popped it closed again, and gave them a few raisins for their patience.

A few miles later, I repeated the process… I repeated it a few more times after that.

With less than 5 miles to go, on a narrow country road, there was a crash. Suddenly Cheers was standing next to me at the front of the car and poor Bitty was crushed in the collapsed cage. There was nowhere to pull over, so I anxiously finished the drive, worried Cheers might eat my hair, the week’s supply of grain,  or even the car. She did none of that, instead she stared out the window like a puppy dog does. Phew.

At Awee Farm, I checked-out the Panda and another potential buck-friend. Seeing the bigger males, covered with  goat mating-ritual piss in their beards was unsettling.

My vision of little goats at sleep-away camp making boyfriends shattered. This was more like a fraternity party about to go very, very wrong.

Picking the Girls Up Cheers Bitty

I Felt Guilty Leaving My Girls There, Knowing What Was In Store

I decide to stay with my Panda, my original choice from the internet, and asked him to be gentle.

Ten days later, I returned with Bryan and a friend to pick up our bred mini goats.

At least we think they are bred; Panda’s tale-tell seaman semen was staining their rear-ends.

If all went right at ‘camp’, we should expect baby goats in 5 months, on April 15!